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Need To Sell Your Home And Relocate Quickly? Why Renting A Storage Trailer Should Be A Top Priority

Have you decided to relocate, and want to be settling into a new home as soon as possible?  If so, renting a portable storage trailer or container should be at the top of your to-do list. A portable storage unit offers an inexpensive solution when staging your house for a quick sale, and secure transportation of your belongings to your new home when it comes time to move. Read on to learn just how a storage trailer can help you make a smooth transition from one home to another.

Spend Less Staging Your Home For A Fast Sale

If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to stage it to sell. Sure, you could hire a professional house stager to make your home aesthetically appealing to potential buyers. You should know, though, that the initial cost of the consultation will run about $150 and you can expect to pay up to $6000 for the actual service. 

What do you get for this money? The professional home stager will come into your home, likely remove up to half of your belongings and put them in storage, and then give your house a good cleaning and maybe tidy up your yard with a few bags of mulch.

If you rent a storage unit yourself, you'll spend roughly $175 to use a 10 foot by 30 foot container for a month. The only additional costs in prepping your house will be some elbow grease and a small amount of money for mulch and cleaning supplies. You'll end up with the same result as if you were to hire a professional home stager, but you'll spend a lot less money to obtain it.

Load Your Stuff Once, Move It Twice 

Have you already purchased the home you plan to move into once your current house sells? If not, you'll add a lot of work to your move if you plan on packing up your belongings and bringing them to a stationary storage facility for your house showing, and then repacking them in a vehicle and moving them to your new destination once you've secured your new home.

Portable storage trailers and containers allow you to pack and store your stuff once, and then transport it to wherever you wish. You can choose to have your storage unit kept on-site at the rental facility temporarily, and then have it hauled to your new home once you close on it.

Save Your Belongings From Breaks And Scratches

Enclosed portable storage trailers and containers allow you to pack your belongings tightly from floor to ceiling. Since this limits the amount of shifting around and banging of your items, there's less risk that something will get broken or scratched during its transport from your house to on-site storage, or from on-site storage to your new destination.

Furthermore, most storage trailers have conveniently placed loading strap hooks throughout their storage space. Many storage trailer rental facilities will offer the use of loading straps, or you can purchase your own at a moving supplies store. By making use of loading straps and the hooks in your storage trailer you can quickly and easily secure your belongings in place as you pack the unit, rather than waiting until all your stuff is packed and trying to do it then.

If you need to sell your home and relocate quickly, be it for a new job or just to fulfill a whim, then your first step in making the transition should be renting a portable storage container or trailer. By renting a portable storage unit, you can clear your home of clutter, thus making it more appealing to potential buyers. After you've sold your current house, you can just finish packing what's left and easily and securely transport it to your new home.