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Essential Disaster Relief Equipment To Rent

Most jurisdictions have a small inventory of equipment that can help with minor problems, but when a full-scale disaster takes place, it's often necessary to reach out for help. In many locations, help can come in the form of equipment from a disaster relief equipment rental service. This agency carries a wide variety of equipment that can help with all sorts of disasters and can deliver it promptly. The exact type of disaster that you're dealing with will partially influence what type of equipment you need, but there are several things that will be essential for virtually every disaster type. 


Many different disasters result in a loss of power to the local area. The power outage may last several days, depending on the severity of the problem and how quickly the local utility companies can begin repair work. During this time, it's critical to have access to a number of commercial-grade generators. Disaster relief equipment rental services carry a large inventory of generators that will allow you to provide power to a certain area in a relatively short amount of time. These generators typically run on gasoline or diesel, so you'll want to begin filling fuel tanks as you wait for the generators to arrive.

Water Pumps

Commercial-grade water pumps are also valuable for many different disasters. Many natural disasters result in flooding, either from surging bodies of water or from damage to the area's water pipes. If flooding is present at several key buildings in your area, including hospitals and community centers, setting up water pumps in the basements of these buildings will help to remove water. These pumps can run around the clock — often drawing power from your rented generators — until the water levels go down.


You'll generally find a wide selection of lighting products at any disaster relief equipment rental service. These lights are comparable to the lights that you may have seen during nighttime road construction and maintenance. They're mounted to trailers, extend high in the air, and have a number of bright LED bulbs that can illuminate an area to almost make it seem as though it's daytime. Lighting is important after all sorts of disasters. In the case of an earthquake or building collapse, for example, these lights will allow people to continue to search the rubble for survivors even after dark.

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