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Renting Scaffolding Versus Purchasing Scaffolding

Scaffolding provides much-needed support when painting, cleaning, or performing construction tasks at elevated heights. If you will be conducting some projects that will require the use of scaffolding, decide if renting the scaffolding materials or purchasing them will be a good investment.

Rental Equipment

Suppliers of rental materials feature single scaffolding, double scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, cantilever (single beam fixed at one end) scaffolding, and other distinct scaffolding designs. Many rental products feature extension pieces that will allow an end user to adjust the height of a scaffold.

Rental equipment is inspected regularly. A company may offer a setup and teardown service too.

If you need a special type of scaffold for an upcoming job, you may not see the value in investing a lot of money to purchase the equipment brand new. If the equipment is only going to be used for a short duration, you can acquire it for a daily or weekly rental fee.


Using scaffolding equipment that will require a lot of pieces to be installed will necessitate that more than one person assembles the equipment. Even if a simpler scaffold product is being installed, there should always be someone available to assist the person who is in charge of setting up the equipment.

If your job site will require the use of a complex scaffold system, it can be beneficial to rent the equipment. A team of qualified installers will deliver and set up the equipment in the indoor or outdoor setting that you have selected.

Safety Gear

The use of rental scaffolding or personal scaffolding should always include the use of safety gear. Safety gear protects those who are standing on a scaffold's platform. Safety gear includes harnesses, hard hats, and steel-toed work boots. Harnesses may be furnished through a business that rents out equipment.


Before you choose to rent or purchase a scaffold, consider the use value of the equipment. Then, compare the price between renting and purchasing a scaffold. Even if you are going to need to use a scaffold on more than one occasion, you may decide to rent the scaffolding for the time being.

Renting equipment will allow you to get accustomed to using a particular scaffold style. This can be an asset if you are torn between two different scaffold styles and want to test out a particular style. After using the rental equipment, you will be able to determine if the scaffold style will work well for future tasks that will be conducted at your place of business.

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