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Features To Note When Comparing Hand Trucks

No matter what type of business you have, it's good to own at least one hand truck so your employees can move supplies around your building without having to carry boxes and risk an injury. The trucks come in different styles and prices, so you'll want to compare them to find a style that works for the type of loads you'll be stacking and moving. Here's a look at different options in hand trucks to compare.

The Frame Styles

Frames come in different heights. A frame that's too tall might be difficult for employees to handle, yet you want a truck that you can stack boxes on so you won't need to make multiple trips. Some frames have open backs that might allow small boxes to fall through. If you will be moving a lot of small boxes around, you might want a hand truck with a solid back or one that has bars across the back to support and block boxes.

Handles on the frame come in different styles too, and some are more comfortable than others. Comfort might not matter if the truck is just used occasionally, but if an employee will spend much of the day moving supplies around, you might want a handle that's ergonomic to use.

The Plate Designs

The plate is where boxes rest on the bottom of the hand truck. Some plates are small and others are large. Some are solid plates while others have cut-outs. Consider the size of boxes you'll move when choosing the right kind of plate so the boxes fit securely on the hand truck. Things like appliances may need a small plate, so understand how the truck works when selecting the right style for your business.

The Frame Materials

Hand trucks can be made from plastic, steel, or aluminum. Plastic is the lightest, so it won't be able to carry very much weight. However, plastic might be easier for your employees to use as long as you're moving light boxes around. Aluminum is heavier but still lighter than steel.

Steel is the heaviest type of frame, and it can carry the most weight. If you'll move heavy things, be sure to note the weight capacity of the truck before you buy it. Since steel is heavy, you may want to buy a truck with a frame that has an open back and areas cut out of the plate so there is less steel and less weight in the truck.

The Wheel Types

Wheels are also important when considering weight since you'll want wheels that can carry the weight of the frame and the supplies you'll carry. You might want large, pneumatic wheels if you'll move heavy loads. You may even want wheels with brakes that make moving heavy loads safer.

Convertible Options

Some hand trucks can be lowered to the horizontal position and used as a dolly. Others can fold flat so they can be stored easily and don't pose a tripping hazard. You can also buy a hand truck that has an extra set of wheels that makes it easier to go up and down stairs.

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