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Key Qualities To Get In Zip Ties

Zip ties are incredible resources for a lot of different purposes, such as combining a group of wires together. If you're in the market for some, here are some qualities you might go after in particular.


If you plan on setting up these zip ties in areas where there are extremely hot temperatures, then it's paramount to get a set of ties that are heat-resistant. That's the only way these ties are going to hold up when exposed to these conditions.

For instance, you may be securing zip ties to cables that get hotter every now and then. The heat-resistant design will keep the ties from melting or becoming structurally weak over time when heat is involved. Just make sure you account for the relevant temperature range so that your ties are heat-resistant enough to not damage. 

Appropriate Length

Perhaps one of the most important attributes of any zip tie today is its length. You need to make sure you're correct with your length requests because that's the only way you'll have success getting these ties set up around materials or systems. 

An easy thing you can do is assess the materials you're using zip ties with and then calculate their dimensions. You can then refine the size of zip ties you get. They should help you with setting up your materials or systems perfectly while giving you plenty of room to work with. Then you can cut off any excess materials that are leftover.


Instead of only being able to use a zip tie once with a project, you should look for zip ties with a reusable design—such as Grip-Lock Ties. That will save you costs on this resource because you can use the same zip ties over and over as long as they're not damaged structurally.

Whereas if you used a traditional zip tie, it can only be used once because the zipping portion won't go back the other way. Just make sure that when you go with this particular zip tie variety, the zip portion remains secure until you're ready to take it off the material or system you've secured it to.

Thanks to zip ties, you can combine a lot of materials together in a convenient manner. If you find a set of zip ties that have advantageous attributes, you're going to get more use out of these materials and also not run into as many issues.