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Six Key Preparation Tasks For Any Forklift Rental

If you need to rent a forklift for work at your facility, it's important that you prepare before your rental period to make it as productive as possible. The following are six key preparation tasks you need to take care of if you're renting a forklift. 

Prepare your work facility to get started on forklift work right away

There are numerous things you can do when it comes to moving supplies and equipment around your worksite to prepare for your forklift rental.

You should have any supplies or items that need to be moved by forklift in position. You should also clear any obstacles from the path of your rental forklift so that work can proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Determine which staff member(s) will handle forklift tasks

Consider how you will allocate tasks among your staff before your forklift rental period. Make sure you have staff members with experience and training in forklift operation available to operate your forklift during your rental. 

Figure out the best forklift model for your needs

Your forklift rental provider most likely has numerous forklift models for you to choose from. The better suited your rental forklift is to the work you're carrying out at your worksite, the more productive your rental will be. 

Research various forklift types, such as standard warehouse, counterbalance, industrial, and rough-terrain forklift models. Discuss available models with your rental provider to find the optimum option for your needs. 

Plan out the rental schedule carefully

Make sure you put enough thought and planning into the dates over which your forklift rental period will extend. You want to have your worksite and staff ready for the rental. You also want to make sure you have adequate staff available during your rental to work at maximum productivity. 

Take all necessary safety precautions

Safety is an important consideration when you're using forklifts or any other piece of heavy equipment at your worksite. Make sure that all your staff members are trained on safe forklift operation and that you've invested in safety equipment such as safety shoes and visibility jackets before your rented forklift arrives. 

Arrange for delivery of your rental forklift

Transporting a rental forklift to your worksite is an important detail of your rental. Discuss transportation considerations with your forklift rental provider.

You might have to pay more to have your forklift transported a significant distance as part of your rental. This makes it ideal to find a rental forklift provider located as close as possible to your facility.