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What Should You Consider for Your Product Packaging Boxes?

If your business ships products on a consistent basis, you need the right packaging boxes. After all, these boxes are what keep your products safe and secure. There are many packaging options available today, but you can choose the right type by remembering this guide.


For your packages to fit inside boxes correctly, you need to select the right box size. You don't want to choose boxes that are too large because this just wastes material, but you don't want to choose too small of a design either. The trick is to find a happy medium.

Take measurements of your products' dimensions to get a clearer picture of the ideal box size you need. Then, you'll want to actually try out different boxes in person with your products to find the perfect fit. If you have products that range in size, then try to find a box size that will economically support the largest dimensions. 


There are many material choices available for packaging boxes. Some of the most popular, for many major industries, are paperboard and corrugated. Paperboard is an extremely lightweight material that can be customized in so many different ways. It works well with high-resolution graphics, which you may need when promoting your products.

Corrugated boxes are a little bit more durable and flexible. They provide items with more cushion, which is ideal if they are sensitive or fragile. They are also designed to keep moisture away, and can be customized to work with whatever products you're trying to sell.


Your company's warehouse may not be that big or there may already be a bunch of supplies in it. As such, you need to take advantage of the vertical space, which you can do when you assess a box's stackability.

Ideally, you want boxes that can easily stack on top of each other to conserve space. Boxes that create a tight seal when closed work better when stacked, as they are more sturdy. The thickness of the boxes you choose is also important. The thicker the box, the better it will be at supporting additional boxes on top.

Choosing the right packaging boxes for your business may seem easy, but a lot actually goes into this selection process. You need to think about what attributes affect your operations the most, and then you can select packaging boxes that make shipping easy and adequately protect your products. For more information or options, contact companies such as Packsize Now, LLC