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3 Tips For Buying A Used Bucket Truck

Many companies branch out into different types of projects, and some of those projects may require the use of a bucket truck. If your company needs to acquire a bucket truck to use for future projects, it can be a very good idea to purchase a used one. A used bucket truck will be a lot more affordable than a brand new one, so buying used can help your company stay on budget. But buying a used bucket truck is not something to do on a whim. If your company plans on buying a used bucket truck soon, use the following tips:

Think About Minimum Height Requirements

There are many makes and models of bucket trucks, and the maximum height can vary from truck to truck. Prior to buying a used bucket truck, it is very important to think about the maximum working height that the projects your company will be doing will require. The last thing you want is to purchase a bucket truck that does not have the capability to lift the bucket as high as you need it to go. Think about the maximum height you will need, and purchase a bucket truck that can erect the bucket at least that high.

Look for Needed Features

Bucket trucks are used in a variety of industries for a large array of different types of projects. Your company may require special features on a bucket truck. For example, if you will be using the bucket truck to access electrical wiring, you will probably want a used bucket truck that has a high insulation capacity to help prevent electrocution in the event that the truck comes in contact with a live wire. If you anticipate taking on projects that require two workers, it is probably a good idea to invest in a truck that is equipped with a two-person bucket. 

Availability of Service and Parts

Like all pieces of heavy equipment, a bucket truck can break down and need repairs. Before buying a bucket truck, take the time to look into the availability of repair services and bucket truck parts in your area. Ideally, you should choose a model of bucket truck that has replacement parts that are affordable and easy to order. It is also important to also ensure that there are professionals near you who can repair your bucket truck if needed. Do not finalize a purchase until you have looked into these two things. Contact a company like Utility Equipment Parts, LLC for more information.