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FAQ about Full Septic Tanks

Does the waste in your toilet drain out a lot more slowly than it used to? If you are unsure as to why you have to plunge the toilet on a regular basis, the problem might stem from your septic tank needing to be cleaned out. Take a look at this article for the answers to some of the questions that you should ask yourself when trying to determine if a septic tank is full.

Are There Puddles of Water in Your Lawn?

Unless it has been raining recently, there should not be puddles of water sitting in your lawn. The presence of puddles is one of the signs that a septic tank is backed up and need to be cleaned out. The puddles are the result of the drain-field lines to the septic tank not being able to distribute water throughout the soil as they are designed to do. Basically, the water rises to the surface of the lawn because it is unable to fully flow through the drain field.

Does Water Leak from Toilets?

In addition to having to plunge your toilet a lot, you might also notice that water leaks from it as well. For instance, the anchor flange, which is the part of your toilet sitting in the floor, has a wax seal on it. The seal is used to prevent water from seeping out as water flows through the plumbing fixture. A backed-up septic tank can lead to water seeping out around the wax seal. Pressure from the backed-up plumbing lines is what is pushing the water out through the seal. It is important to get the tank pumped before you end up with sewage all over the floor in your house.

Does Slow Draining Affect All of Your Plumbing Fixtures?

If you think it is possible that the problem with slow draining has to do with the toilet, you can observe the other plumbing fixtures in your house as well. For instance, you can run water in the kitchen sink to observe how long it takes for the water to drain out. If the water takes a while to drain out the sink, as with the toilet, this is a sign that the main sewer line to your house is backed up because the septic tank is too full. Make an appointment with a contractor so he or she can clean out your septic tank as soon as possible.

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